Lifeline Learning

Meet the Faculty!

Michelle Hodgson 


I was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where I graduated cum laude in University of Puerto Rico with a bachelor’s degree in nutrition on the Department of Education. From an early age I have always enjoyed teaching children in church and summer camps. I have been married for 29 years and have two wonderful children who I homeschooled from 1st grade to 12th grade. I had the privilege to be the director of CDA Academy in Puerto Rico for a year and I homeschooled other students of all ages for more than five years. For three years I taught Spanish, Algebra and Geometry in Southmont Christian Academics. 

Susan Lifeline Learning

Susan Stevens

Teacher/Director Assistant

It is so good to be working in Christian Education again. My last time working in this field was years ago when our church in Illinois decided to open a school. I started out as a volunteer setting up the computers and assisting in the office but quickly became lead supervisor and also received administrative training. It was a blessing to have been a part of Olive Branch Christian Academy for eight years. Both of my children graduated from there. I consider working with the next generation an honor. I am thankful for this call on my life and pray that Jesus will have His way in this ministry.

Elizabeth Haspany

Music Teacher

Elizabeth Haspany leads worship during chapel and also teaches piano. She has been singing and playing music since she was a young child. There are few things she enjoys more than praising God with a spirited group of people, and being able to join the children in music and worship is an immense pleasure! 

Lifeline Learning-Yolanda

Yolanda Vázquez

PE Teacher

I am the mother of five girls of different ages. I love to interact with children and young people. One of my passions is teaching children to love and take care of their bodies. In the past, I have taught Zumba to children and adults in choreography and dance. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to continue teaching children at Lifeline Learning.

Lifeline Learning-Larry

Larry Dooly 

Performance Teacher

Larry Dooly has been a performer for over 40 years and a professional actor for 30 of those years. After traveling nationally as a historical character, he taught acting to homeschool students for a Tarrant County co-op as well as directed high school students in Christian schools and churches. He has directed multiple children’s productions at Lifeline Church where he has served in a leadership role for many years. He and wife Marlene have been married for 26 years and he helped her raise two kids. His latest role is definitely his favorite as he’s now the grandfather of three pretty special grandkids to whom he hopes to teach performance someday.

Lifeline Learning-Hannah

Hannah Enoch

K and 1st grade Teacher

Growing up as a military child, my siblings and I had the opportunity to travel and allow the world to be our schoolhouse.  We learned alongside others from different countries, lifestyles, and cultures.  We were blessed to see the world through other’s eyes.  We experienced the world in a way that many haven’t been able to.  One thing we discovered was to love learning.  Having the opportunity to be challenged and learn alongside each other, we uncovered that learning could be fun and a lifelong journey.  My experience has exposed me to many avenues of entrepreneurship as well as where my giftings lay.  I am a servant at heart and love children. God has blessed me with the ability to meet children where they are, helping them to develop their strengths and encouraging them to do more and be more.  There is no challenge they cannot meet when they have God on their side.  With a younger brother on the autism spectrum, God has taught me to listen more closely as He leads me to new avenues of helping my brother learn and develop.

Lifeline Learning-Laurie

Laurie Enoch

Language Arts, Science Teacher

As mom to five kids (two girls and three boys), when God called us to homeschool our children I didn’t believe I could do it. There were many days that I sat and cried at the kitchen table that first year.  But God would show up and develop me into the teacher He wanted for our children—one  that would love to learn alongside them as we investigated and explored the world around us.  When we brought home our youngest son (adopted and on the autism spectrum), I never thought that God would ask me to keep him home as well.  Being nonverbal and having the mind of a perpetual two-year-old, I never expected to have to learn how to teach a child with many issues.  Again, God would show up and develop me into a different kind of teacher.  The greatest joy one can receive is the moment God opens His world to His beloved child—the wonder that they see and the love that they feel from the One who calls them His own.

Levon Lifeline Learning

Levonne Castro

Art Teacher

I was born in Puerto Rico; I’m 25 years old. My family and I started in the ways of the Lord two years ago and I can say that it has been the best decision I have made. The Lord has placed in my heart the desire and passion to teach art to children. I consider myself a creative and enterprising person. I have my own company of custom-made items, including items for babies and toddlers.

Larry-Lifeline Learning

Larry Stevens


When I heard that our church was opening an homeschool coop, I immediately thought of security. I worked as Head of Security at Shawnee Community College for several years. I was a Pulaski County Illinois Sheriff’s deputy for a while as well. It is a privilege work with Lifeline Learning as a watchman over the grounds.